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"Ahlan wa Sahlan" is Arabic and means "Welcome"! This site is aimed at foreigners and immigrants who want to quickly communicate in German. The website is not intended to replace the German language course - it is merely intended to enable assistance in everyday life and a "Quick Start" for learning important German vocabulary. In addition, this page can help to fast communication by "pointing + click". For the vocabulary on this page, we use speech output with a computer voice. This voice will be played when you click on the text or the image. We have tried to adapt the artificial voice to the natural pronunciation. Unfortunately, the pronunciation is not always perfect, but should probably be suitable for a first support. The website is a private, non-commercial project and this site is currently under construction. We strive for constant expansion of the vocabulary. Please click on the categories on the left side. Have fun !

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Herzlich Willkommen!

Schön, dass Ihr diese Seite gefunden habt. Diese Seite soll "nicht Muttersprachlern" bei der Aussprache wichtiger Deutscher Vokabeln helfen.

Aktuell findet Ihr auf diesen Seiten mehr als 365 Begriffe. Wir wünschen viel Spaß beim Üben !